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Along with the company's growing, we also enhance the the team combat effectiveness and cohesion as part of the corporate culture to do, as has been a tradition since the company was founded, we annually organize regular tourism activities including outdoor extending training as well as go out. In these activities, on the one hand in a relaxed environment so a better understanding between the team members to expand the horizons of members, on the other hand, through these activities, in order to better understand their own work as well as different cultures conducive improve the spirit of service and the ability of the team.

Following are sneak peek for those activities.

On May,2018, Staff of sale department go to Xiang lake to have outdoor barbecue and have a walk around the lake.

On Nov,2017, we go to Vietnam to have an holiday.

On Sep,2016, we go to Korea to have a wonderful trip.

May 2014,antiway members went Anji to hike May 2014,antiway members went Anji to
to ease our working pressure and enjoy our life hike to ease our working pressure and enjoy our life

On Dec of 2012, we went to Thailand for tourist as a traditional of Santiway.

On Jun of 2012, we went outdoor for simulate CS combat training.

Christmas on 2011. We sent our member to Our door extending training in Qiandaohu
Korea as a awards for hard working during on the year 2011
the year 2011

Christmas on 2010. We sent our members to Hannan Island as awarding for hard working
during the year 2010.

Christmas on 2009. We sent our members September 2009, our team members went
to Xiamen as a awarding of hard working outdoors for barbecue
during the year 2009


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