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New Air Impact Wrench UI-1311

Release time:2022-03-30 15:02:55

* Twin hammer mechianism provides more power and smooth balaced blows.
* Twin hammer impact wrench is designed for tire shop, suspension, frame and
other heavy duty automobile work(screened filter) air inlet keeps dirt and debris
from damging the tool.


Item No UI-1311
Square drive 1/2''
Free speed 7500rpm
Maximun torque 1600N-m/1180ft-lb
Average air consumption 6.5cfm
Air pressure 90psi/6.3bar
Air inlet 1/4"
Length 7.28"/185mm
Weight 4.64lbs/2.1kgs
N.W./G.W. 24/25kgs
CTN SIZE 47.5*23.5*43cm
20' 5600pcs
40' 11200pcs
Packing Color Box

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